Formatting in comments shown in book details is incorrect. How do I fix it?

Sometimes the comments in book details are displayed with lots of strange font size changes, making text too large or too small. This is caused by HTML "directives" in the comments that tell CC to change what is displayed.

There are two ways to solve the problem.

  1. Uncheck CC's setting "Formatting in Comments" (Settings / Display). This will tell CC to ignore certain formatting directives such as centering, justification, and font changes.
  2. Edit the comments in calibre to remove the spurious formatting. This is the way to go if the first solution takes away more formatting than you want. 

    The easiest way to remove the formatting is to edit the metadata of the book in calibre (select the book and press E), select all the text in the comment, then press the Remove Formatting button (the green recycle arrows). Alternatively, you can select the text with the formatting you want to remove (it can be hard to see) and Remove Formatting only on that text.

    The Remove Formatting command leaves paragraphs but strips out font size and alignment commands. If you want centering and justification, you must re-add them.

    Once you have corrected the books, connect CC to calibre as a wireless device. The changed comments will be sent to CC. Alternatively, if CC is still connected to calibre, click the down arrow on calibre's device button and choose "Update cached metadata on device". If you take the second approach and CC is showing book details, you must close and reopen book details to see the changed metadata.
Charles Haley
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